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     We are an all-volunteer 50l(c) non profit AZ Corp comprised of athletes, parents, coaches, students and members participating in outdoor activities several times per month. This fall, we will be help conduct several waterfowl game camps with AZGFD and visit several US Fish and Wildlife Service waterfowl facilities.  Other game camps include those specifically for small game, turkey, dove. squirrel, quail, and geese.


     Hundreds of other families and individuals join us in Arizona Game and Fish Dept. sponsored activities we share in and help conduct during the year.  We actively partner with a number of other non profit outdoor organizations in these and other outdoor activities that range from habitat clean ups to travel to Olympic Village when invited to participate in Olympic shotgun competition.


     Our main activity is as a founding member of the AZGFD administered Scholastic Clay Target Shooting Program.  We currently have 70 athletes from about 80 families enrolled in this program practicing twice a month at state approved ranges.  All coaches are state certified by AZGFD after DPS background verification.  Over 1000 athletes from grade 5 to college seniors are enrolled in this national program.  Optional competitions include skeet, trap, sporting clays, plus Olympic Trap and Skeet.


     Conservation activities in outdoor Arizona are intended to give our enrolled students and their families an ownership interest in our beautiful state.  The simple act of spending a weekend in the outdoors and leaving it better than you found it will add feelings of respect and responsibility for the outdoors to all our members, especially the younger ones.  As our older members step up to share in the teaching of personal responsibility for the outdoors, they become even more dedicated to the cause of conservation.  Younger students and athletes are eager to learn and follow the examples.


     AOS has lots of benefit for students.  Scholastic Clay Target Program (SCTP) is a school year program of never ending skill building in shotgun sports of all levels.  This very safe sport offers a lifetime of recreation, competition, hunting, and family fun.  Personal responsibility for safety becomes a way of life.  Game camps offer learning from state biologists and hunting opportunity plus more outdoor experiences.  State Wildlife Managers and Game Wardens teach about firearm  and conservation laws.  Competitions from state fun shoots to Olympic Village offer our athletes and coaches opportunities to learn from the very best.


     Ask what we like best and you will get a different answer almost every time.  From enjoyment and betterment of the outdoors to shooting and hunting, we have a lot to offer.  Check us out on our volunteer organized website to see some of what we do.  Email or call for more information.  We enjoy talking about outdoor activity.


Recreational shooting:

  • We will coach you and your offspring to master the basics needed to have safe family fun in the outdoors and on gun ranges all over the United States.  Learning about safe responsible handling of firearms is valuable knowledge for anyone.


Competition shooting:

  • SCTP refers to the Scholastic Clay Target Program.  This is the shooting program, administered by the AZGFD, that has been our main activity for almost 20 years.  SCTP is a national program.  Here is a link to their program.  The Arizona Game and Fish Dept. are strong supporters of our group and this program.  Here is the AZ Game & Fish Department.


Junior Olympic Shooting:

  • Really serious competitors in any sport are subject to developing an Olympic dream.  We can open the doors to Olympic Village making it possible for their dreams to come true.  We have sent shooters to Olympic Village every year for 8 years.  These shooters have come in all sizes and shapes and in both genders.  Size, speed, and strength is not a factor in Olympic shooting championships. 



  • Arizona offers year around hunting for small game such as rabbits, Eurasian doves, and pigeon.  In season hunting for ducks, doves, quail, geese, and squirrel add variety and the opportunity to explore more of our beautiful state.  We work actively with AZGFD and other volunteer groups in sponsoring hunt camps for these species.  Help is available at these camps for everything from camping and all meals to cleaning and preparing the harvest for transportation to the dinner table.  It is a very special treat and feeling of empowerment for a young family member to bring home birds harvested on a hunting trip for dinner.  It sure beats store bought factory chicken.


All of the above is possible.  Of the 80 students registered on our SCTP Team known as the Dust Devils, 11 went to Olympic Village this year, 40 competed in trap shooting and 35 in sporting clay events.  Approximately 50 student athletes participated in hunting or hunter education activities along with their parents.  Some competed with ACUI and others shot with us and with their college teams.  Most of our athletes became shooters in several areas.



     Good news.  The biggest cost is a shotgun and that is already covered for you by AOS and the Arizona Game and Fish Dept.  All AOS athletes will have access to very popular shotguns for target shooting and hunting.  This is at no cost to the athlete.


     All regular scheduled practice ammo, targets, range fees, plus eye and ear safety gear are included with the annual registration fee, currently under $150.  Volunteers work together to provide most of the food at hunt camps.  AZGFD offers a special hunting and fishing license for shooting athletes under 18.  State license fee is only $5.


     Ammo and targets for competitions are athlete responsibilities as is transportation to all activities.  Special hunting gear is a hunter responsibility.


     We teach and coach more than just shooting skills.  It is amazing how rapidly our athletes learn that safety is their personal responsibility.  Safe gun handling becomes a way of life for them as they learn to respect the power of guns and the safety of others.  Communication skills spanning the generations are quickly learned by athletes and coaches.  For coaching to work and skills develop quickly, communication must be a two-way street.  Eye contact and serious listening are parts of our coaching program.  Electronic communication devices are turned off during competition and practices so attention can be focused on learning more about shooting.


     The scholastic part of our program is important.  Good athletes quickly learn to take responsibility for the priorities in their lives.  This includes maintaining and striving to improve grade point averages.  Scholarships and grants for college are offered in several areas.

We coach our athletes and ourselves from the positive side.  We do things that produce good results because we want to.  The good results make it all worthwhile.


     Negatives results, or worst, lie in wait for shooters who use drugs or alcohol in any part of our shooting activity.  They would be excused from further participation.


     Having a good self-image and a good public image are important aspects to reassure folks who do not like guns that most shooting is done by very responsible people.  Voters who defend our second amendment rights look at shooters to decide their vote.  Our shooters are both good scholars and good citizens.


We shoot and hunt all over Arizona.  Our regular twice a month practices are held at the Rio Salado Shooting Club on Usury Pass Road in NE Mesa.


     Our shooting athletes and their families make the decision on which and how many of the shooting activities they would like to pursue. You can see our full schedule here.

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